What is your service? What is Smart Candidate Sourcing?
What we offer is a highly relevant shortlist of available candidates for your vacancies that are sourced through our Smart Candidate Sourcing tool. We’ve developed a tool called Smart Candidate Sourcing, this enables us to give you a greater number of candidates, whilst keeping everyone’s costs down.
It includes:
1.     Job Advert Optimisation: During our sourcing for your job we are able to use data analytics to optimise the job ad, to drive only the top candidates
2.     Job Push: We use intelligent PPC, keyword and job placement to make sure that we are attracting the top people for your job
3.     Proactive Candidate Reach Out: We have developed extremely effective methods of targeting and communicating to top candidates; and it is proven to drive a greater number of people
4.     Effective Candidate Screening: Our goal is to give you the best available talent on the marketplace. Through our sourcing we find a lots of great people, but our screening is specific to your job; meaning you only see a shortlist of great people.

What are the benefits to your service?
•Advantage of a discount for signing up for a full year
•Fixed costs, opposed to variable/unpredictable costs
•Lower cost to any other shortlisting methods
•More Control to the client over selection process
•No Inflated fees

What if you don’t fill the position?
We do a full market search for available candidates within the parameters of the role. If we can’t find the right person, we’ll give you a free consultation on our market search. Always in this situation, either the profile of the role is too specific or the salary is not aligned to the level of the position. We’ll advise changing one of these, only after the market has been thoroughly searched.

I don’t know Cadent Sourcing, how can you guarantee a placement?
We are a new company, and our reputation is going to be very important to us. In short, we can’t afford to have failures. This is a new and frankly better way to recruit; we are committed to making this way the norm. When we take on a job, we will do a full and complete market search, if we can’t find the person, we are pretty sure that the person doesn’t exist.